--9 (2007)


Computer complex --9 is intended for application at training, calculation, designing and adjustment of systems of electrochemical protection () of underground pipeline networks of an any configuration and assignment. Into a complex enter:

1. --9 - calculation, designing and the numerical analysis of functioning of any system of non-uniform pipeline networks.

2. --9 - budget calculations and formation of a database on erection works on .

3. --9 - training and the control of knowledge under the theory and practice (a computer textbook - simulator).

4. The manual ,  prof. V.Tkachenko, , Volgograd, 2005.-232 with.



1. Features of package --9 at comparison with package --8.


Graphic, instead of digital input of the circuit of a pipeline network, it is direct from the card - plan with the help of the cursor of a mousy, instead of with the help of the keyboard under beforehand prepared table of coordinates;

The number of units of the digitization describing a configuration of a pipeline network, practically is not limited, that allows to investigate a field of currents of corrosion and protection with higher degree of detailed elaboration and reliability;

Time for input of units of digitization by a graphic method is not enough, as is spent only for moving of the cursor along a line of the pipeline with fixing - with any step of digitization - in casual points which position in aggregate should set a line of the pipeline with its branches and turns - in correct conformity with a practicable plan of a network;

The prepared circuit easily may be edited, i.e. units of digitization may move, be added or leave, and besides graphic receptions on the screen of the computer;

By quantity(amount) and position prospective cathodic protection installations with its anodes similarly graphically may be entered and edited, having in view of, that programs --9 solve the optimization task - a choice of one circuit of accommodation of installations from set offered;

At formation of the settlement circuit the next pipelines which may cause distortion of a field of currents of corrosion and protection also are graphically taken into account; at updating the circuit pipelines may be incorporated by crosspieces or, on the contrary, are shared by electric devices;

Such constructions may be added to the pipeline entered graphically as underground tanks, the pile bases of the ferro-concrete bases, galvanically alien metal constructions, let alone that each of pieces of digitization may have own parameters - diameter, thickness of a wall, specific electric resistance of isolation, the electrochemical potential specifying galvanic heterogeneity of a network.


2. The primary goals solved with use of package --9

To define optimum quantity and the circuit of accommodation of installations , size of their currents and distribution of protective potential, proceeding from conditions of a minimum of a total protective current and the given range of change of protective potential in researched area (the optimization task decided in an automated mode);

To define a field of protective potential and an operative range of installations at the known circuit of their accommodation and given currents (a direct task);

To define size of specific electric resistance of isolation in researched points of a pipeline network on the measured distribution of protective potential at (a return task).

3. Other decided tasks

To calculate parameters anods with use typical or any on a design rods;

To determine protective effect at use group galvanic anodes of any configuration;

To calculate distribution of a gradient of potential in the ground for comparison to results of natural measurements, for example, at an estimation of integrity and quality of an insulating cover of the pipeline;

On the measured gradients of potential in the ground to calculate density of a current of the pipeline and size specific electric resistance of isolation in the given point of a line and so forth.


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