Frequently asked questions about Family Map Viewer

  1. Can I print the Family Map?
    Not really. The problem is that most of browsers are badly suited for printing wide web pages, such as the one produced by Family Map. Multiple overlapping branches are not well shown during printing. Of course, you can print a small map, when it all fits onto a page in a row (use of landscape page setup comes handy), but to be honest, for such small maps, regular genealogical software gives better result, anyway.
  2. Does it run under Netscape 4?
    No, it does not work under Netscape 4.*. It does not work under Opera, either. Unlike the rest of the web site, it is designed to run under Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or Gecko browsers (Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape 6 and higher).
  3. Does it run under Linux, Solaris or Mac?
    Yes, with Gecko browsers. Internet Explorer on Mac is not supported even in the legacy mode.
  4. What are the minimal system requirements
    32 MB RAM, Windows 95, Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.01.
  5. Clicking on the key button makes the new family map open in the same window. When I return to the previous screen, I see that all branches are closed. Is it possible to have several windows open at the same time?
    Absolutely! key button is a regular HTML link. Click on it with the RIGHT mouse button and select "Open in new window".
  6. Why do segments of the Family Map overlap? What can I do about it?
    Well, the Family Map is quite different from geographic maps. Genealogical map is a particular case of topological maps - the mathematical term for all sorts of maps. It is theoretically impossible to show all the information for all people without lines intersecting and nodes overlapping. You can space nodes apart, use complicated routes from point A to point B (like on electrical schemes), and use all other sorts of tricks. However, you have to stop at some point, because even if something can be presented, it does not mean it can be understood from such a scheme. Family Map Viewer is designed in such way that a relation between any two relatives, no matter how complicated, can be presented on one screen without overlapping nodes and intersecting lines. You can often show more, but not always. If you want to explore the relations of one particular person in more detail, just click on key button to re-build the map around him or her.
  7. If I close some branch, will all sub-branches close as well?
    No. Closing a branch does not close sub-branches. Reopening the branch at a later time will return the branch to the state identical to that just before closing.
  8. Some relations are not specified. Why?
    Simply because we did not think they were important. Please send an e-mail to with the name of the relation, for example "greatgrandstepfather" and explain what it means in simple words, and we will be happy to add it to the relation detection subroutine. Thank you!
  9. Is my data private?
    You have control over the privacy of your Family Map. If you decide not to share the Family Map name with anybody, it is all yours. If you do share - it is up to you. does not take any initiative in sharing your data, so please provide your visitors with a correct URL or at least the FamilyMap name.
  10. 10. I uploaded the GED file onto your server. Can I or someone else download the original data from the server?
    No, you cannot. The original data you downloaded is stored in some secure location outside our web server. You do not need to have your data back, because you keep the original. Your visitors do not need the original, because they get a nice Viewer from us.
  11. 11. Why do I need a password then?
    Basically, to be able to delete your data from our server.
  12. I don't want to delete my data, I want to update them, what shall I do?
    Upload your new data with the same login and password, new data file will replace the old data set.
  13. Help, I forgot my password!
    Send an e-mail to with some description of what your password looks like. We will manually delete your data.
    Some advice:
    • Do not give your ATM card PIN code as a password, just to be safe.
    • Keep it simple and easy to remember, because that password is not as important as your financial passwords.
    • Do not oversimplify your login name - if you are George, you do not want to see some other George's Family Map.
  14. Is it possible to use PayPal to make a donation?
    Thanks, but we do not expect any material benefits from running Family Map Viewer on our server. It is all just for fun.

If this FAQ list does not answer your questions, please send an email to and we will be happy to assist you.