Tyoma's Family software.

When somebody claims to be a computer science professional, friends, relatives and potential employers always ask: "Show me what you've done!" We all feel frustrated hearing such request, and mumble something about operating system, confidentiality agreement, team work and dozen of other legitimate reasons, why nothing but a PPP (Power Point Presentation) can be shown.

On this page I collected a few simple programs, done for a very important client, who at the same time does not enforce stupid proprietary restrictions: for my wife. Design of the input screens is almost non-existing, spelling errors can be ignored for years, but the programs are real: they serve business needs, they are flexible and stable. If you find them somehow useful, either for usage in your own family, or just as a code sample, feel free to modify/re-distribute it at your convenience.

Tyoma's Family Finance

Tyoma's Family Finance is an MS Access database, designed in 1997 and in daily operation ever since. It closes the gap between the comprehensive home accounting software, like Quicken, and regular users who keep their accounting in Excel or on paper. It includes a model of financial relation between spouses, retirement investments, etc. It uses dual currency approach, automatic retrieval of €/$ exchange rate from the Internet. Several pre-defined reports. Main advantage of Tyoma's Family Finance - be in control of your accounting software, never wait for a new release when you need a minor adjustment.

Tyoma's Invoicing

Tyoma's Invoicing is a very simple invoicing program for freelance translators.

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