Tyoma.com CMS is for sale.

Tyoma.com CMS is for sale. It is not a joke! I don't mean to sell the tyoma.com domain - after all it is my personal, non-commercial domain that brings me nothing but visitors' emails and bills from the hosting company. I mean selling the ideas as well as the original software that can be repopulated and converted into www.whatevercustomerwants.com

Since original design of the Tyoma.com website in the year 2000, the several open source (i.e. free of charge) CMS become avaliable for the beginner, alowing building simple personal web site by clicking-and-droping. From the other hand, enterprise Content Managment Systems aloving great oportunities for the experienced webmaster. On the tyoma.com the mixed aproach is implemented: after the setting the original template for navigations and related links, inexperienced user can maintain the content by copying content into the WebFolder, availilable with most of the opearating systems. Advanced user can include programming elements in the form of php includes, or keep php programs in the separate location.

Most of the programatic elements are described in the README, where the links to the free downloads are given. If you like the general aproach, but do not want want to spend the time on setting new website, please contact us for quote at tyoma@tyoma.com.

Tyoma.com does not sell you real estate spots on the Moon. If you are an established small to mid-size company that happens to have an obsolete website or no website at all, then tyoma.com is the right way to put your newest marketing ideas on the web. Then you can be sure that the maintenance cost will be minimal.

Our price is very reasonable.