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Uploading your xml data to our server

If you have a resume in XML format, but do not have a webserver to place it, you can use this page to upload temporarily your XML data onto our server. Copy-and-Paste the whole resume into the text box and select needed transformation.

PDF (Acrobat)
RTF (Word)
HTML (client side)
HTML (server side)
XML collapsed (Internet Explorer)
XML collapsed (Firefox)

Although the transformation works in any browser, Microsoft Internet Explorer depends on the file extension to define appropriate file type (mime type). The URL of this form does not include any file extension, as the result you have to manually adjust file name to save, add an appropriate file extension and select application to handle downloads (Word, Acrobat Reader, or similar).

Firefox, Mozilla and Netscape have got a similar problem in a light form - they often recognize file type correctly, but are still unable to append the proper file extension to the downloaded files. I personally find this rather annoying, so I prefer to use the form on the main page, whenever possible.

Privacy note

You are not downloading your file onto our server, actually. The data uploaded via text field is only used to generate your transformed XML Resume and not saved or written in any form on our server. Next time you use the "Upload" form, even when you are doing it within a few seconds for the other transformation form, you have to upload the data all over again. Saving your data on server.