Welcome to Tyoma,

Artyom Sokirko's (Артём Сокирко) prime website.

Here you can find free services and open source downloads that I would like to share with the Internet community, as well as extensive information about myself.

Family Map Viewer

Family Map Viewer is an unconventional GEDCOM to HTML transformer. GEDCOM is an exchange standard for those people who would like to share their genealogical information with relatives, friends or the whole world. Unlike conventional GEDCOM transformers, Family Map Viewer displays the whole GEDCOM data set on one page. Comprehensive calculation of the relationship between persons in the dataset, including very distant relatives as well as indirect relatives is also performed. See the demo first and upload your GEDCOM file later.

Tyoma's Home Finance

Tyoma's Home Finance is an MS Access database, designed in 1997 and in daily operation ever since. It closes the gap between the comprehensive home accounting software, like Quicken, and regular users who keep their accounting in Excel or on paper. It includes a model of the financial relation between spouses, retirement investments, etc. It uses dual currency approach, automatic retrieval of €/$ exchange rate from the Internet. Several predefined reports. Main advantage of Tyoma's Home Finance - be in control of your accounting software, never wait for the new release when you need a minor adjustment. Get more info and download the program.

Tyoma's Invoicing

Tyoma's Freelance Billing is another example of MS Access database, used by freelance and small business for billing clients. It is multilingual and oriented on the freelance translation business. It also keeps track of unpaid bills and computes the actual internal hourly rate per order. Get more info and download the program.

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