Copyrights and Disclaimers

  1. You can re-use the code you find on That could be not very easy, because I do not intend to polish it to the open source quality. If you really want to get my code working for your needs, it would probably be just more efficient and cheaper to enter into a consulting agreement with me.
  2. The easiest thing to steal and hardest to protect is the fresh ideas. None of them is patent protected or patent pending, so go ahead. I am keep updating my README where you can find some unusual ideas for your website.
  3. Pictures are the most valuable assets on the website (after the website itself) and they are not protected. Feel free to re-use them on your web site, but you have to clearly identify them as either taken from or made by Artyom Sokirko. No explicit link to from your website is required, but for each picture you have to send me an e-mail with the URL. These mail will serve two purposes: a) I might want to include a reference to your website with the note that you published me; b) to confirm (from time to time) that you are not using my art work-in some very wrong way.
  4. If you want to publish my photos on paper, you definitely must contact me for the high-resolution scan or original. Basically, I give away all my photos.
  5. All texts should be treated in a similar way - you can re-publish them on you web site with clear identification of my authorship, but have to contact me first for all other types of publication.
  6. Few multi-media on my web site is digitalized by me and is the intellectual property of the authors. Most of the texts are in Russian, so I do not see any problems here. If you do not speak Russian, you do not want them. For the materials from the former USSR,the copiright protection is still rather unsetteled.


  1. This site includes a great deal of personal information about Artyom Sokirko. Although the information presented is based on real facts, the presentation itself may not be accurate. Moreover, under some circumstances the information given on the site can be downright wrong - either by mistake or because I am deliberately hiding something. web site should be considered more or less as an artistic presentation.
  2. Neither copy of the resume presented on this site is accurate. Please contact me for an updated version of the resume.
  3. The standard disclaimer applies.