Artyom's hobbies

My main pleasure is to see images: people, landscapes, cities. Please see the small clip about our life style. This is why I travel a lot. When I am at home, the best substitution for live images is good cinematography.

Music is an integral part of our life. Whenever we have a chance, we visit

As it does not happen everyday, we often enjoy listening our music collection. It includes classics of different kinds: symphonic, jazz, rock, as well as Russian folk music. Being HiTech, action-like cosmopolitan, I have rather conservative attitude to the world. This is why my small book collection contains mostly classical literature, mainly XIX or beginning of XX century, as well as books on history of religion, philosophy and psychoanalysis.

My expeditions result in collection of 4,000 slides and 40 hours of video records.
Small part of my slide collection is here

I am a proud holder of a private flying license.

 Among my sport efforts are:

Just in case you are interested in my writing efforts or discussions

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January 11, 2007

Slide show for vakhutinsky - double click on image to start
Slide show for vakhutinsky