Lectures by Artjom Sokirko

  1. Artjom V. Sokirko, Yurij I. Khrarkats and Fritz. H. Bark -- influece of Electromigration on Polarization curves for Parallel Electrode Reactions in the Absence of Supporting Electrolyte // Fundamentals of Electrochemical Science, Reno, Nevada, May 21-26, 1995.
  2. Landfors J., Simonsson D. and Sokirko A., Mathematical modeling and model validation for the lead-acid cell, International conference on lead-acid batteries, 7-11 June, 1993, Varna, Bulgaria.
  3. Sokirko A.V. and Kharkats Yu.I. -- Peculiarities of space charge distribution in the systems with homogeneous reaction of recombination of charged particles //"Ionexchange membranes and their application in electrodialisys", Krasnodar, 1991.
  4. Sokirko A.V., Pastushenko V.F., Chernomordik L.V. and Chizmadjev Yu.A.-- Nonlinear conductivity of pores at the electric break-down in bilayer lipid membrane //"Electrochemistry, synthesis and modification of ionexchange membranes", Krasnodar, 1990.
  5. Sokirko A.V. and Kharkats Yu.I. -- Diffusion -migration currents during parallel flow of electrochemical processes //"Theoretical aspects of electromembrane processes", Krasnodar, 1989.
  6. Sokirko A.V. and Kharkats Yu.I. -- The influence of process of recombination of OH- and H+ ions on the migration current exaltation effect //"Electrochemistry of membrane", Krasnodar, 1988.
  7. Sokirko A.V. and Kharkats Yu.I. -- Diffusion - migration transport of ions in the systems with chemical equilibrium //"Properties and methods of ionexchange membrane investigations", Krasnodar, 1987.
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