Sov. electrochemistry 25 N6 (1989) 698-701

The influence of secondary process on copper deposition rate in nitrate baths

Gurevitch Yu.Ya., Donchenko M.I., Motronyuk T.I., Sokirko A.V. and Kharkats Yu.I.

In a number of cases the electrodeposition process is accelerated when N03- ions are added to the metal plating bath [1-5]. It is the special feature of these baths that the cathodic reduction of N03 ions can occur in parallel with the basic reaction depositing the metal. This gives rise to changes in composition of the solution layer next to the electrode, which in turn can lead to the formation of complexes, faster or slower mass transport, and stirring by gaseous reaction products. In the present work we estimate the influence of the secondary reaction on mass transport but disregard complex formation.

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