List of Publications by Artjom Sokirko

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  1. The Voltametric Response of a Conical Electrode
  2. Chronoamperometry at Channel Electrodes: Analytical Theory of Transient Behavior at Double Electrodes
  3. Mathematical modeling of a lead-acid cell with immobilized electrolyte
  4. Electroosmotically - Transported Baseline Perturbations in Capillary Electrophoresis
  5. Diffusion-migration transport in a system with Butler-Volmer kinetics, an exact solution
  6. On the character of polarization curves for the electrochemical cell described by Butler-Volmer kinetics with an arbitrary transfer coefficient
  7. Effects of electromigration on polarization curves for parallel electrode reactions in the absence of indifferent electrolyte
  8. The Permselectivity of Membrane Systems with Arbitrary Distribution of the Fixed Charge
  9. Deformation of a lipid vesicle in an electrical field: a theoretical study
  10. Does mass action law breakdown occur in small thermodynamic systems?
  11. Distribution of the electric field in an axially symmetric pore
  12. General problem of limiting diffusion-migration currents in the system with ions of three arbitrary charge number
  13. Theoretical study of thermogalvanic cells in steady state
  14. Behavior of a Ball on the Surface of a Rotating Disk
  15. Modeling of Forward and Reverse Bias Conditions in Bipolar Membranes
  16. Dielectric Spectroscopy of Single cells of Pollen from Various Tree Species
  17. The problem of limiting diffusion - migration currents in three-ions system
  18. The electrorotation of axisymmetrical cell
  19. Diffusion - migration transport of ions in the reduction reactions of anions of second sort
  20. Special features of space-charge distribution in the diffusion layer developing during an electrode process followed by a homogeneous reaction
  21. The theory of hidden diffusion limiting currents.
  22. Theory of the effect of migration current exaltation taking into account dissociation-recombination reactions
  23. The theory of limiting diffusion - migration current in partially dissociated electrolytes
  24. A possible mechanism for the increase in limiting current of copper electrodeposition from nitrate solutions
  25. The influence of H+ and OH- ion recombination within the diffusion layer on electrode reactions occurring in parallel
  26. Calculation of diffusion and migration currents in systems with arbitrary ionic charge where metal electrodeposition occurs in parallel with anion reduction
  27. Coupling of anion reduction through migration processes in acid solutions
  28. The influence of secondary process on copper deposition rate in nitrate baths
  29. The limiting diffusion and migration currents as functions of the rate constants of electrolyte dissociation and recombination
  30. The theory of migration current exaltation in acid media
  31. Concerning the theory of latent limiting diffusion currents
  32. Theory of migration current exaltation allowing for the water dissociation
  33. Electrical breakdown of membranes
  34. Reversible electrical breakdown of lipid bilayers: formation and evolution of pores
  35. The electrical breakdown of cell and lipid membranes: The similarity of phenomenologies
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